Parachute jingles: iTunes + Nivea = success?

Parachute iTunesUpdate: They're now #1 on iTunes!

The big single from Red Light-managed local band Parachute is this week's featured free download in the iTunes Music Store. This is not inconsequential placement, as other artists recently featured in this space include Mastodon, K'Naan, and Passion Pit; and local songwriter Shannon Worrell also got some love from the digital download service last fall.

And remember that Nivea commercial the band scored a few months back?

Er, no, the other one.

That's right, folks, a second commercial recently surfaced on YouTube featuring pretty girls stroking themselves to the strains of a Parachute tune. This time, the lucky ditty is "Under Control," first released on the Sparky's Flaw EP, the band's first release on Mercury way back in the days when they were still allowed to call themselves that, and soon to be better known as the seventh track on their forthcoming album Losing Sleep.

This, of course, raises a number of important questions. Is all this Moby-style commercial licensing the shrewd business move that's going to ensure their success in an almost comically volatile music market? Could the skin care products they're championing have saved would-be Charlottesville supermodel Colin Steers from reality-TV contest elimination? Dare we ask what else you'd like to see these guys try to sell?

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sounds like the band is successful at selling their songs as jingles. Why does anything more need to be said?