Snap o' the Day: Termites on the Mall

bug-cOn Friday, May 8, the Hook spotted this swarm of winged insects at the base of the wood facade at 111 East Main Street. "Those are termite swarmers," says pest control expert John Ashcraft. "I'm one-hundred percent sure." The building, owned by developer Keith Woodard, is one of several deteriorating buildings (Derriere de Soie moved into 105 East Main and spruced up the ground floor) he owns on the corner of First and Main Streets, where he has had a long-time plan for a 9-story development.

Neighborhood development chief Jim Tolbert said he was unaware of the problem, but said he would turn the problem over to his property maintenance staff and let the building's owner know.

Woodard, too, says he was unaware of the problem, and thanked a reporter for bringing it to his attention. "We'll take care of this," he says.

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After hiking thru the grass I check for ticks. Now after walking down the Mall I'll have to check for termites. Don't want them hitching a ride home with me.