Zimmerman over halfway to DiMaggio's record streak

news-zimmermanFollowing a 4-for-5 performance against the San Francisco Giants on Monday, May 11, Washington Nationals third baseman and UVA alum Ryan Zimmerman extended his streak of games with at least one hit to 29 games. That puts him past the halfway mark of breaking the all-time record for a hitting streak set by New York Yankees centerfielder Joe DiMaggio, when he got a hit in 56 consecutive games in 1941. In all the years since, Cincinnati Reds third baseman Pete Rose came the closest to breaking DiMaggio's record with a 44-game streak in 1978. Zimmerman will go for 30 against the Giants on Tuesday, May 12 at 10:15pm.
–-file photo by Jen Fariello

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Neeeeeever gonna happen, but we wish wish him the best of luck trying!

Agree that it's doubtful, but how nice to see a good kid doing well. Imagine the pressure to live up to all the hype (not to mention the paycheck). The fact that he's excelling says a lot about the nature of his character.

Saw the headline, and my first thought was "Slow news day?" Wake me up when he gets to 35!