Snap o' the Day: Uncorraled news boxes

snap-newspaperboxesA platoon of newspaper boxes (18 in all) stand at attention on the West end of the Mall. A number of them (1, 2, 3, 4) are not identified as serving any publication. City Councilors were at odds over a proposed plan to install "corrals" to conceal the boxes as part of the Mall project.  Councilor Satyendra Huja called the current arrangement "hideous," and Councilor Julian Taliaferro called them "tacky." Councilor David Brown and Mayor Dave Norris, however, liked them the way they were, and Norris bristled at the idea of  "government newspaper corrals." In the end, the plan was nixed.


Bet a year from now there will be half as many boxes --any takers?

Sue: Not sure if you mean the city's actions to regulate the boxes, or the future of the publications themselves, but if it's the latter, I'd take that bet. Sure, the economy is in the toilet right now. But 1) it won't stay like that forever, and 2) with the DP increasingly irrelevant as a news force in this town, I wouldn't bet against other journalistic enterprises finding and maintaining an audience.