Napolitano makes Supreme Court shortlist?

Could a UVA Law alum be one step closer to the Supreme Court? MSNBC reports that Secretary of Homeland Security and 1983 UVA law school grad Janet Napolitano has made President Obama's shortlist of six candidates to fill the vacancy on the highest court in the land left by retiring Justice David Souter. The report from the "First Read" blog singles out Napolitano because she was an early supporter of Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary, and that "from people familiar with the president's thinking, he's been as impressed with Napolitano as anyone in his cabinet. They click. That matters." On Wednesday, May 13, the Associated Press also cited White House sources saying Napolitano was on Obama's list of candidates. If nominated and then confirmed by the Senate, Napolitano would be only the fourth Supreme Court justice to come from UVA, and the first since Franklin Roosevelt nominated Justice Stanley Reed in 1938.
–photo courtesy UVA School of Law
–updated May 13 at 4:51pm

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I surely home the Obama Administration understands that the major play here is not gender, heritage, or experience. The Bush administration pointed the way, and it is YOUTH. If the Dems don't nominate the youngest candidate they can find who is qualified, over time the balance will tip.

Does that whiz kid Greg Smith have his law degree yet? Actually, having a law degree isn't a requirement - there are no requirements. All you need are 60 votes in the Senate!