Stand-up comedy lands at the Buddhist

news-comedyalexmodicAfter years without a regular home for stand-up, the Buddhist Biker Bar & Grill is opening its doors to a troupe of local comedians called the Charlottesville Comedy Roundtable. "We do it for the love of comedy," says 23-year-old Roundtable co-founder Alex Modic (seen here). Next event is Tuesday, May 26 at 8pm at the BBB&G, located at 20 Elliewood Avenue.


Who's that guy in the picture? I thought Jim was the founder, I WANT A PICTURE OF HIM!

I think this may be the perfect antidote to the economic downturn.
Don't be shy --give it a try !

Everyone should go, these guys are great :):)

Yes!!!!! Tickle your funny bone! Great!

I'm just kidding, I'M ALEX'S BIGGEST FAN

No picture, but I'll go one better- here's a clip of me from our last show: