Chamber pegs graduation effect at $5 million

news-lawnchairsChamber of Commerce prez Tim Hulbert guesstimates the total economic jolt of this weekend's UVA's graduation at least $5 million. Here's his math: 3,200 hotel rooms averaging $200 x 2.5 nights ($1.6 million) + 8,000 overnighters eating 2.5 meals averaging $30 for 2.5 days ($1.5 million) + 20,000 day-trippers eating 2 meals ($1.2 million) = $4.3 million plus gas, souvenirs, and other purchases.

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It's wonderful for the downtown merchants that the Mall was finished on time. Nice to see the outdoor cafe seating open again, but still wonder if all the expense was needed and couldn't have been put to better use. Out of site out of mind but I think old pipes should have been fixed first.

Come Monday morning, the 'ville will enjoy a lil' peace & quiet for about three months. Hallelujah.

It won't resolve the problem of so many local fools on the area highways and byways, but it'll help.

20,000 day-trippers eating two meals? Where has he been? How do you pay for half a night in a hotel (if you're not with a hooker)? Before Hurlbert broadcasts his opinion he should consult with the hoteliers and the restauranteaurs first. Also the grocery stores who sell a lot for graduation meals and barbeques.

There are some good restaurants that I never visit during the year on the corner. I can't wait to go.

I don't have any problem going to those restaurants for lunch or dinner during the school year.