Kennedys endorse Moran in governor's race

news-moranFormer Democratic National Committee chair Terry McAuliffe might have President Bill Clinton and former Clinton aides like James Carville campaigning for him in his bid to become the next Governor of Virginia, but one of McAuliffe's rivals for the Democratic nomination just got an equally powerful political family to back his campaign. Former delegate Brian Moran announced today that he has received endorsements from Ethel Kennedy, widow of slain Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), son of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA). This marks the second time in as many years the Clinton family and the Kennedy family have been at odds in a Democratic primary. Last year Senator Kennedy and daughter Caroline endorsed President Obama's candidacy over that of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
–file photo by Hawes Spencer


Well, some could say the GOP has already lost the state, what with the most important statewide offices being occupied by Democrats.

But this race WILL be competitive, no matter who the Democrat is. Each one would have different strengths and weaknesses.

I'm sure that Tim Kaine, as head of the DNC, will spare no expense nor effort in helping to elect a Democrat as his successor. It will not only be the Republicans that receive money from out of state this fall.

Why is outsiders pouring money, and endorsements into our state?
I thought the people of Virginia elected our officials...
Wouldn't there be undo influence? Or do they know whats best for
Va.? With all the money to be elected for a smaller salary, sounds
like its the power.....
Politicans can you please do whats best for the country?
Leave the power and spends the millions were its needed?
I know its asking too much, thats why we don't trust politicans...

Wow the Kennedy's endorsed the Irish Catholic guy! What were the odds?

Dear diagoliv,

Actually, one of the unprecedented things about this year's governor's race is that three out of the four candidates running are Irish Catholic. Creigh Deeds is the only protestant.

Thanks for reading.

Lindsay Barnes

Actually, there are only two gubernatorial races in the country this year--New Jersey & Virginia. The GOP knows what's going to happen in NJ, that's not really a mystery. What they don't know is who they're running against in Virginia. Once that's settled in June, just wait for the AVALANCHE of outside money and ads. This is a state they can't afford to lose...