Snap o' the Day: Toady gone a courtin'

galleryIt's toad-courting time– or it was three weeks ago when these pictures were taken in the Shenandoah National Park along the Moormans River above Sugar Hollow.

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This looks like an American toad--please correct me if I'm wrong, am new to frog/toad identification, but lots of fun. The most likely critters in early Spring are the American toad, green frog, pickerel frog, spring peeper and cricket frog. At this time of year we can hear and see bullfrogs, gray tree frogs and Fowler's toad. Learning to recognize all these varieties is easy just put the name in Google and up pops the picture. Learning the calls is a bit more difficult but Google can help with that too. I have a bullfrog in my backyard fish pond in the City and soon the Great Blue Heron will appear and the bullfrog will be gone, unless he's lucky.