Halsey Minor to save horseracing?

MSNBC interviews the netrepreneur, hotel developer, and would-be "white knight" of America's at-risk horseracing industry.


he can't save himself much less horse racing. When you are the 8023rd richest person in Albermarle County and are being sued by everyone how does he think he is going to save horse racing and what idiot would EVER be a "partner" with this guy?

Obviously this guy needs excitement to keep going and not wanting to be brought down by failed hotels and art purchases he is reaching back to his childhood dreams to pull himself out. A therapist once told me it is very difficult for people with a lot on money to face their problems as long as they can keep spending.

Hope this isn't the last knot before he hangs himself. In the interview he says:

ââ?¬Å?We’re really kind of grabbing the last knot on the rope, and if we weren’t I’d be doing something else,” he said. ââ?¬Å?But I ââ?¬Ë?m terrified that thoroughbred racing in America is going to either vanish or be so decimated ”Š and that the memories that I had as a child are memories that my children and my children’s children can never experience.”

Particularly interesting is his statement that ââ?¬Å?”Š I feel like in this case, I have truth and justice on my side.” Sounds like the lead in to "Superman" truth, justice and the American way....maybe he does in this "case" because he sure doesn't in the other "cases"....and clearly he hasn't been to many "great" sporting events either.