McIntire softball-saver runs for Council

Bob Fenwick, the man credited for rallying citizens and saving the Dewey D.S. Shiflett softball fields at McIntire Park, now says he's running for City Council on a stop-the-Meadowcreek Parkway platform. Charlottesville Tomorrow has video of his announcement.


Don't think that will be enough. How about stop the parkway and stop the $200 million dollar dam/pipeline fiasco and dredge the Reservoir.
Now that might win the election.

Sue, I think he is WILLING and has the grit to stop it all. Read up and ask questions. Give the man a chance and he will make a difference for you and others.

Sure hope so. The County refuses to pay for the dredging study so it's time to stop playing Mr Nice Guy and elect someone who will show them whose boss.

Szakos needs to clarify exactly what she stands for or this guy is getting my vote for sure. I'm not really thrilled with Norris, but he looks like the best we've got this go round. The race for number 2 could be the most interesting thing to happen in city politics in a while.

Unless Szakos comes out strong for the dredging option for the water plan I'm for Fenwick no matter what his stripes. We could use a moderate on Council.

ââ?¬Å?I am a registered Republican and I thought I would run as a Republican, but so many people were telling me ââ?¬Ë?With the positions you have you are going to feel a lot more comfortable running as an Independent,” Fenwick told C-VILLE.

On another hot-button issue facing City Council, Fenwick is decisive. ââ?¬Å?I favor the dredging option, no question.

Why don't you try and stop the Louisiana Purchase as well. It's called history.