Snap o' the day: Almost-feathered friend

snap-bird2Fallen from its nest in Lee Park on Monday, May 18, this baby bird waited eagerly for its doting mother, who brought grub after grub and circled protectively. Flight, however, seemed to elude the creature, who was hopping precariously close to the Market Street edge of the park and who will also have to avoid dogs frequently walked there. Fingers crossed...

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Patsy, I talked to someone who works at the sanctuary and they said as long as the mother is nearby and caring for the chick it's best to leave it alone. It would be preferable if someone had kept an eye on it for several hours to ward off any danger. Wonder how many people would or could spare 4 hours of their day to watch a chick ?

The weak and stupid provide food for strong and smart. Welcome to nature.

Nature also teaches compassion for the weak so the strong may survive.

This is a fledgling and should be okay in a few hours if not eaten by cats, dogs or cars. I once found a baby bird and since there was no mother in sight after watching it for several hours I took it to the Rockfish Sanctuary in Nelson County, a wonderful home for abandoned and injured critters of all kinds. There was one entire room of babies being fed on a frequent schedule.

I hope so Betty. I would have contacted someone from the Rockfish Sanctuary. It does not exactly look like it is ready to be on its own. You can't go through life with your fingers crossed.