'Click It' nets 30 tickets

Albemarle County police stopped 624 vehicles and issued 30 summons at a state and federally funded "Click It or Ticket" traffic safety checkpoint May 18 on Route 250 in Greenwood. According to a release, from 11:45am to 2pm, seven officers and one supervisor nabbed two child safety seat violators, 19 inspection or registration lawbreakers, 6 drivers who didn't have their licenses, 2 with faulty equipment and one with a suspended license– but no seatbelt offenders. Police promise more Click It through May 31.


m johnson.. if they want to stop drunk drivers then why don't they just require all cars to be outfiited with a breathalizer ignition?

They could use the same law they use to justify the rodblocks.. I mean really, what is the difference in wasting a hour in a roadblock and wasting 20 seconds everytime you fire your car up for a month? Its still minor.

In fact perhaps they should have a built in breathalizer that not only keeps the car from starting but locks the door and calls the cops.

In fact, perhaps with the new computers they could shut the car down, lock the doors, call the cops and ALSO cavalier towing to tow you right to jail.

Using tax dollars to pay cops time and a half to harrass taxpayers is no way to run a country.

Do cops wear their seatbelts? I know they sure do speed a lot.

Safety check points? Can you say "big brother is watching"? I have enough to do without having to justify my existance to the Police. If they stopped 624 people and issued 30 tickets.. and assuing at least a few were 2 for 1 then 600 people were INCONVIENCED in the name of public safety. If some IDIOT wants to fly through his windshield because he is a MORON then leave me out of it. Don't WASTE my tax dollars on these checkpoints. They would be a lot better off spending the money on jails to keep the criminals off the streets instead of robbing my house while I am stuck in traffic.

Edgar Allen,

Stupid, the police may be stopping a drunk driver that runs into your mother, daughter or best friend. What if the guy with suspended license is a guy that broke into someone's house. They're not just looking for seat belt offenders. If you don't like checkpoints stay off the road. It's for the good of all.

dang Edgar, you don't spell so well do ya'?

What if some IDIOT wants to fly through the windshield and then right into your car? OUCH!

I do think it sucks that this was basically a roadblock where they stopped and checked paperwork. If it was really just a seatbelt thingy, they could have slowed everyone down and looked into the car as it drove by to make sure people had their belts on.

Guilty until proven innocent is how I see these checkpoints. This is not public service, it's harassment.

I wonder how many of these cops were on "overtime", cashing in on state and federal funds? Not that it really matters, other then to prove the job pays much better than cops want the public to believe when it comes time to beg for raises. Any cop motivated by the final numbers appearing on his/her paycheck at the end of the year can easiy make a minimum of $75,000 to $100,000 counting their base salary, overtime and benefits.

According to one of the sources I have within the department, 163 cars were stopped, and 170 tickets were issued. Now I wonder which is correct.... what I was told, or what was told to the reporter. Interesting discrepancy to say the least. Or perhaps I misheard what was spoken to me.

Well, if they continue not to catch any seatbelt violators in these "safety checks" that would seem to make them unnecessary.

Harrassment. Fishing expedition. A waste of taxpayers time and money. A fine example of how our community can be turned into a POLICE STATE. 600 folks WERE inconvenienced plain and simple.

if the cops did their job ALL the time we wouldn't hear about or need these checkpoints. instead we have increased accidents as people continue to drive wreckless...either because they are texting or on their cells BS about nothing important or they just don't give a hoot about others on the road.