McAuliffe leads, Deeds gains in new poll

news-demsWith 19 days until the June 9 primary to decide the Democratic nominee for governor, former Democratic National Committee chair Terry McAuliffe remains the frontrunner, but the race is getting a little tighter. According to a new poll from SurveyUSA, 37 percent of likely primary voters support McAuliffe, but 26 percent say they favor State Senator Creigh Deeds. Compared with a poll taken three weeks ago, McAuliffe's lead over Deeds has shrunk from 16 points to 11 points, with 14 percent of voters in the newest poll undecided. Former delegate Brian Moran saw no change in his level of support, maintaining at 22 percent.
–photos by Hook staff


Terry McAuliffe is an old school, back room dealing, truth evading politician, who only surfaced in VA when he decided to stroke his ego and run for Governor. What are Virginians thinking? Does anyone remember his arrogance and dishonesty in the Global Crossing scandal during the Clinton administration? As you can probably tell, I'm not a democrat, but I think Warner and Kaine have done a decent job and are decent men. McAuliffe would be a huge step backwards. Wake up!

Old Reagan Republican here that voted for Webb, Warner, Kaine...and Obama. But there is NO WAY I'll vote for McAuliffe if he gets the nomination. Anybody who can't tell he's a sleazy carpetbagger needs their heads examined.

Turn out the vote for Deeds. This will be an election in which every vote counts and it's so easy to forget to vote. Voting is a privilege that our ancestors fought and died for. We honor them when we exercise this privilege and civic duty.

Sick_of_it: Warner, yes. Kaine, not so much.