Sotheby's sells Minor's unpaid art purchase

news-minorDespite an ongoing lawsuit between the two parties, auction house Sotheby's sold a painting originally purchased by Internet entrepreneur and Landmark Hotel owner Halsey Minor on Thursday, May 21 after Minor refused to settle his balance due to what he calls "fraudulent" business practices on Sotheby's part. According to the Art Market Monitor, Childe Hassam's "Paris, Winter Day" sold Thursday for $2.3 million, more than a year after Minor bid $3.9 million for it.–file photo by Jay Kuhlmann


Ahh what fun it is to kick someone when they are down.

Thanks Pete. I knew i didnt recall it exactly but the point is the same. :)

Really, I really dont think he is down. This is just one of his several ventures gone sour. These lawsuits just represent his personality. Some people thrive in conflict.

I wonder what he'll buy next ?

Anyone see the signs on the windows at the hotle jobsite?

It goes something like this:

Halsey Minor's failed attempt at an erection

Actually, Vertico it's reads "Halsey Minor's Big Failed Erection" with the word 'Big' crossed out in red marker... which is exactly what it is.

Pete Deer