WaPo backs Deeds in Dem primary

news-deedsIn the Friday, May 22 edition of the Washington Post, the editorial board of the venerable daily endorsed State Senator Creigh Deeds in the June 9 primary to decide the Democratic nominee for governor. Despite former Alexandria delegate Brian Moran and McLean resident Terry McAuliffe's ties to the D.C. area, the paper called Deeds "the best candidate for Northern Virginia." "Unlike his opponents," reads the editorial, "Mr. Deeds has made clear that he would make transportation his first priority, vowing to tackle this region's greatest challenge while his political capital is at its height." Additionally, they like his chances best in November against Republican nomineee Bob McDonnell, against whom Deeds ran for attorney general in 2005. "Mr. Deeds lost by a scant 323 votes out of roughly 2 million cast despite being outspent 2 to 1," writes the board. "Virginia is still more purple than blue, and Mr. Deeds's moderate platform would have the broadest appeal." The endorsement comes on the heels of a SurveyUSA poll that puts McAuliffe ahead of Deeds by 11 points.


I believe the Post got it totally right --excellent analysis !

Totally agree with this endorsement. Larry Sabato said yesterday on the Coy Barefoot show that we may see 2 Republican governors electecd in the fall, Virginia and New Jersey. The reason being that the primary in Virginia may give the nomination to the more liberal candidate since that is who votes in primaries a scant 250,000 compared to millions that vote in the general election. McAuliffe and Moran are too liberal for this purple state and would be unable to win statewide in a general election against McDonnell.

Deeds is the only hope the Democrats have to win in the Fall