Tommy Garrett moves on

About a month after his lawyer left the case, publicist Tommy Garrett has dismissed his $10.7 million defamation case against this newspaper. Blogger Waldo Jaquith, who'd been subpoenaed by Garrett, celebrates but notes that Garrett's retreat deprives bloggers of a precedent against future harassment by scoundrels.


Don't miss Garrett's signature on the document --have to see it to believe it

What a sorry case and the losers are the newspapers that have to spend their dwindling resources defending themselves. We owe a debt of gratitiude to the Hook and Waldo for going after this story and not being deterred by threat of suit. The courage to do this often goes unappreciated.

"Scoundrels?" I feel a lawsuit coming on with language like that being tossed around.

The Hook should have seen this through to the end and obliterated Mr. Garrett into obscurity in their counter suit. Now he's free to continue his tirade of going after people that speak ill of him.

Oh, I think he'll wind up in obscurity all on his own.