Dem primary too close to call in new poll

news-demsWith only two weeks to go until the June 9 primary to decide the Democratic nominee for governor, a new poll says it's still anybody's ballgame. According to the latest from Public Policy Polling [pdf], 31 percent of likely primary voters remain undecided about which of the three candidates they prefer. Among the remaining 69 percent who stated their support, former Democratic National Committee chair Terry McAuliffe still leads the pack at 29 percent, while State Senator Creigh Deeds and former delegate Brian Moran each earned 20 percent, with a 3.9 percent margin of error.


Voting in this primary is so important. I appreciate the Hook for keeping it in front of the public. If you're a Democrat and want to win vote for Deeds, who is the only one who can beat Bob McDonnell state wide.

Go to your calendar right now and put in BIG letter VOTE ON JUNE 9TH

9 point lead with %31 undecided isn't a very safe lead. It's amazing that McAuliffe has the lead, but this only shows the value of effective marketing.....

If MvCauliffe is the Dem candidate, I am voting for McDonnell