William Walter and Tucker Rogers

The local songwriter jams out with busybody local guitarist Tucker Rogers. He used this duo format heavily on the 2006 record Rough Around The Edges, but that album also featured live tracks recorded with his full backing band, and it's the latter that's featured on 5 Live, the new live EP he'll be previewing here.

William Walter and Company - Sunflower [live]
William Walter and Company - All The Best [live]
William Walter and Company - Alright [live]
William Walter and Company - Border Crosser [live]
William Walter and Company - Myspace

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Oh, I love these guys. I only picked up the Rough Around the Edges CD at the thrift store recently. Not my usual thing, but I was in a nice mood. Wow did it pay off!! Now I can't wait to see them at South Street. I just wish I had listened to them sooner.
See you all there!

P.S. Is that Stu playing the bass in the video/picture above?