Hard-hitting Cavs capture first NCAA regional title

hotseat-oconnorFor the first time ever, the UVA baseball team is headed to the NCAA Super Regionals next weekend, one of 16 college teams across the country who will compete for the chance to play in the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. After capturing the ACC title May 24 by defeating Florida State in Durham, N. C., the Cavs and head coach Brian O'Connor (pictured) headed out to to Irvine, CA, where they handed San Diego State pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg (expected to be the #1 pick in the 2009 MLB draft) his first loss of the season. The Cavs then went on to beat top-seeded UC Irvine 4-1 yesterday to capture their first NCAA Regional championship.

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Hotty Toddy!

Why did U.Va. get sent to the Regional of Death after winning the ACC tournament?

Hopefully, that's Strasburg's last loss ever. Go Nats!

Because it was on tv and they needed to fill that bracket with good teams.

"Why did U.Va. get sent to the Regional of Death after winning the ACC tournament?"

Because the NCAA cares about one thing and one thing only: $$$

Too great a risk of rain in Charlottesville in the spring, and the stadium isn't large enough to host a Super Regional (which it would be had the Cavs won the Regional at home). Mississippi has a much larger baseball stadium, and it will sell out. More $$$ for the NCAA.

If the seeding had been based on performance instead of convenience and attendance projections, Virginia would have hosted a Regional without a doubt. Instead the team ranked as high as #6 in the country ended up in a Regional with the #1 team and the defending national champions. If there were rankings this week, Virginia would most likely be a solid top 4 or 5 team. Yet here they go again, on the road to be hosted by a team that couldn't win a single game in the SEC tournament and needed an elimination game to win their regional against powerhouses Missouri, Monmouth and Western Kentucky.

Virginia might need another 1,000 or so permanent seats to see another Regional. If they do that, then they can suck (relatively speaking) and still play at home.

But it matters not: these guys are supreme road warriors now and it doesn't matter where they play this weekend.