Maya's bread helps Rivanna's water

food-kellyAt Maya on Wednesdays during the month of June, enjoy chef Christian Kelly's cuisine, and keep the Rivanna River healthy.

Maya, the restaurant that replaced famed Southern Culture on West Main, braved the Hook's first restaurant review [Maya: Subtleties make all the difference], and shared its recipes with us [KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL- Christian Kelly, Maya], is embarking on another adventure this month– the Bread & Water Project.

It's an initiative of the Rivanna Conservation Society, and Maya has agreed to be its first guinea pig. So, does that mean we'll be eating bread and water when we go to Maya? Hardly.

If you decide to dine at Maya this month, not only can you enjoy their many specialties, like chef Christian Kelly's chicken and dumplings, but you'll also be helping to maintain the health and beauty of "Mr. Jefferson's river," the Rivanna River and its watershed. That's because 10 percent of your bill on Wednesday nights during the month of June will go to the Society.

According to the Society's Tanner Council, credit for the project really goes to Castiglione, who has already shown his support for good causes by running a similar "dinner/donation" for a breast cancer awareness program.

"His concern for the Rivanna is what really gave this project its wings," says Council. "He's an avid paddler and lives right on the Rivanna."

"I'm a huge fan of the Rivanna, we kayak the run from Riverview Park to Shadwell on a regular basis," says owner Peter Castiglione. "We've done this kind of thing for cancer before and thought we would give it a shot. Hopefully, the Society can use this as a model and do it with other restaurants."

Council says the Society is in the process of screening other restaurants for participation in the Bread & Water Project, so if anyone is interested he suggested you give him a call at 977-4837.