Grisham credited with UVA baseball success

UVA won the ACC championship, defeated number one-ranked UC Irvine, and now plays in its first NCAA Super Regional, and that wouldn't have happened without the support of baseball lovin' John Grisham, according to the Clarion Ledger, which calls Grisham, long suspected of being the anonymous Davenport Field donor, instrumental in saving the once-foundering UVA baseball program. The Cavaliers face off against Grisham alma mater Ole Miss June 5-7 in Oxford, Mississippi, where the author used to reside.

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Thanks Mr. Grisham. At least someone chose to be involved.

That's awesome...and more than a little ironic. Hook (actually, I've been reading you since day one, so I feel we're on a first name basis - may I call you "The?"), I hope you are able to get to talk with John Grisham. I'd love to hear what he thinks about the program he helped resuscitate heading to play his alma mater in a couple of very important games!

too funny,
are you saying Mr.G may not be the donor for Davenport and provided support? perhaps you are the mystery donor then?

Not quite, too rich for my blood :)
What I more or less said in my deleted post was that he did give money, but wasn't the largest donor and didn't pay for the whole thing by any means. I said that he gets all the credit when the coaches and players (and even numerous other donors) were really the ones who deserve most of the accolades in my opinion for building this program. I also noted that when the new coach didn't play his son, his love affair with the program basically ended. I just think the hard work of too many players and coaches gets pushed aside for the excitement of giving Grisham another headline in a local paper. He also was at Ole Miss, but doesn't really have a baseball connection there. I believe he got cut from a small school in Mississippi during undergrad years. I think it is more important to present the facts than build an exciting story.

ok i can live with that. perhaps his connection with CC b'ball perhaps gives him umbrella coverage of all b'ball...we assume. i did notice the lights in his box have been dimmed.

Way to go Mr.G. I am sure your love and support of baseball helped the Hoos get there.

looks like my comment got taken down. Kind of pathetic Hook since it was all completely true--I know for a fact I have more inside knowledge on this topic than the Hook. Seems to me the Hook has a mancrush on John Grisham. If you want to keep misinforming readers and giving Grisham too much credit--go ahead.