Chipped cargo as wood-carrying truck rolls

8reverseshotTraffic on Route 29 southbound and Interstate 64 was blocked at approximately 9:30am Wednesday, June 3, after a tractor trailer heading westbound on 64 overturned off an exit ramp. The downed truck skidded across the roadway, spilling its cargo of wood chips. The driver was taken to UVA medical center with non life-threatening injuries, and detours ended around 2:30pm.

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Was this driver in violation? If so, Albemarle County should definitly charge him.

No wonder it takes so long. No offense to emergency services people, but they seem to have no concept of other people's time. Same goes for other professions, notably judges & doctors. OK, flame away at me, but cops used to stand by the side of the road after accidents and yell "move, along, move along, jack," waving their arms. In the rain. According to an old movie I saw, anyway.

I had no idea this was they way they righted an overturned truck. Thanks for the slide show.