CSA to move its Crozet spot

news-csa-brettwilson Brett Wilson smiles during food-retrieval time Saturday, June 6, his CSA's last day in the parking lot of Tabor Presyterian Church in Crozet. Asked to share five percent of the proceeds, Wilson decided instead to move the food pick-up point to nearby Old Trail Village which–- while it may not be able to offer giant shade trees–- won't charge the Community-Supported Agriculture entity a fee. (Wilson's CSA, Horse & Buggy Produce, has the audacious distinction of using UVA's North Ridge medical building parking lot for three years sans official permission, a squat that ended last year.)


The value of what Brett and other local food producers are doing came home to me on a trip up Route 522 thru Pa. over the weekend. Many small mom and pop eateries have closed, but the ones that are open are packed with people that are tipping the scales at way past 300lbs --when talking to my medical friends about this, there was general agreement that eating healthy produce --high in nutrition and low in calories-- is generally far more expensive than high fat content foods. Services like Horse and Buggy provide a way during these tough times to eat well and cheaply. Thanks Brett hope this service grows.

Tabor forces Horse and Buggy out?
OH PULLLEASSE. As member of this congregation, I'm proud of our 100yr+ service to the Crozet community and I feel blessed that we have friends and neighbors wise enough to question idle gossip. Our church requests a donation for the use of our parking lot, IF POSSIBLE. Mr Wilson used our location last year without a donation. Mr Wilson also did not contact us about any displeasure or even, simply, that he was leaving. Additionally, the Hook never contacted us for our side of the issue.

Tabor encourages everyone to take advantage of CSA's(Farmers Market, Horse and Buggy, etc). Our community is blessed to have these opportunities. Additionally, we invite everyone to join us on Sunday at 10AM and discover, for yourself, what great neighbors we really are!

For the record, Horse and Buggy isnt a CSA and Brett isn't a food producer. Brett is a middle-man who buys cheap produce in the valley and sells/distributes it here. Just like a supermarket, but with no bricks and mortar. If you want to support a local farmer, do so, but to the best of my knowledge Brett has never grown anything. And if he's been using this particular lot without so much as a thank-you, I'd have told him to GTFO long ago.