Perriello to keynote Monticello July 4 naturalization

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation announced yesterday that Congressman Tom Perriello (D-Ivy) will serve as the keynote speaker for this year's annual July 4 naturalization ceremony for new U.S. citizens at Monticello. Perriello's speech will mark the 63rd time Mr. Jefferson's home has hosted this austere occasion, the first coming just after World War II in 1946. The freshman Democrat joins a list of distinguished people to have addressed the Monticello ceremony including architect I.M. Pei, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and last year President George W. Bush. The event begins at 10am and is free to the public.


At least there shouldn't be any idiots protesting.

This is a disappointment. Every year I look forward to hearing an immigrant turned famous American speak at this ceremony and this seems like such a political move on the part of Monticello. We have ample opportunity to hear this man speak and he's not an immigrant. Guess I'll skip this year and hope they get back on track next year.

I'm surprised Perriello has the time. Isn't he still working on ads for Arab TV apologizing for all the misdeeds of the horrible people serving in our armed forces? Or working on more ads financed by his lobbyist buddies asking us to thank him for all the wonderful things he voted for. His arm must be tired from patting himself on the back so much. Oh well, make hay while you can little man....your term will end in 2010.

Is Mr. Perriello an immigrant ? Up until last year when former President Bush spoke the tradition was to have a noted American of immigrant background as the keynote speaker. This is a festive and moving ceremony to welcome immigrants from all parts of the world to our great country. I am saddened that this tradition is being discarded.

I'm 99% sure his grandparents immigrated from Italy - though yes, a more direct connection would have been better.

we'll see. sometimes the speakers you have low expectations for really turn it on.

So what exactly is this major problem with health care that deserves 2+ trillion in debt? As far as I can see it is a democratic talking point, a problem that doesn't exist. So the dems can control it as everything else.
periello is a weasle, with our country in debt he vote to give over a hundred billion to the imf, on a war spending bill, what an insult to our troops.

2nd a: spoken like a true no-nuthing right wing flake, that never has any answers, only partisan rants. I don't know, could it be that the costs of health care are going up about 6.5% /year on small business owners to provide less care? Could it be that on average the cost of healthcare is up about 150% in the last 8 years, but wages have only gone up about 29%? Mine went up about 400%.

Could it be that health insruance is nothing more than an extortion scheme, where those who pay high premiums get 'lower prices' whether they actually need care or not, but everyone else pays 5 times as much?

Could it be that every other iindustrialized nation manages to provide relatively similar care for far less money while covering pretty much everyone?

Could it be doctors and nurses are being cheated by insurance companies?

COuld it be extrotion prices cause people to sue when they go bankrupt for a procedure that cripples them?

Could it be that our system only works if you are healthy and healthy enough to stay fully employed?

The list goes on.

But you are right. we certainly don' t need to spend 2 trillion. Real reform would 'cut the fat' as you righties like to say, but getting rid of all that red tape and paperwork from the insurance companies with the over paid fat CEO's, and letting that money go the people who provide the care..doctors, nurses, and therapists.

To be fair Monticello could invite Virgil next year -doubt that'll happen given his stance on immigrants. Agree Citizen let's get back to speeches by real immigrants and cut out the political favors.