How Trolley deals with big bump

This is how a CTS Trolley approached the dreaded, pre-shave speed bump on the Downtown Mall. (We just got around to posting this video.)


The only thing pedestrians need is to pay attention to the red "Don't Walk" signals. And the cops should start enforcing the law for them as well as for those drivers who don't stop when the pedestrian has the right of way. God only knows we don't want some of these pedestrians driving. They would probably ignore red traffic lights too.

You're right, Driver Ate. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Trolley travel at the appropriate speed and nobody on the Trolley died.
Sick Of The Local Rambos, I haven't seen those "Don't Walk" signs on the Mall.

CVille Eye, I didn't feel Ate's remarks were totally about the mall. He was speaking of speed and speed limits, neither of which apply on the mall. I don't think anybody is going to cross the mall at 25 mph. On East Market Street and Water Street, the police should enforce the red "Don't Walk" signs. Very few people pay any attention to them whatsoever. The worst violators are right there at Fellini's restaurant. The city might as well take down the pedestrian signals there, nobody pays any attention to them. And the driver is suddenly the "jerk" when he/she has a green traffic light and has to slam on his/her brakes when pedestrians step out into the crosswalk against a red "Don't Walk" signal.

Look, this is Cville and drivers in C'ville are really really very very important and in a really really very very big important hurry to be important and we really should never ever have to drive slowly - not even the speed limit.

And slow down for pedestrians? We are far too important for that. How the heck we ever gonna catch up with That if they make us slow down?

This sucks. We want That. Pedestrians should get cars.

Even after the shave, cars have to approach that particular speed bump in the same manner. I saw a little girl in a police car send sparks flying out from under her gas tank the other night after hitting bottom.

D**n, d**n, d**n! (After seeing your warning below, I just couldn't resist. And how are you going to prove I'm not just saying 'darn'?)
Anyway, that was a funny video. You'd think the Trolley driver had CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome).