Snap o' the Day: New Bob's

snap-newbobs-bAfter the old Bob’s Wheel Alignment and the former Charlottesville Power Equipment building on East Market were demolished last September (bottom photo), a new Bob's rises from the rubble. Bob's new digs includes a new store front, mechanics bay, office, and a “nice waiting room” with free WiFi, according to owner Bob Archer.


"Settled in an adult way?" Sherry, things were settled pretty clearly for me that morning. What else would you suggest?

FYI There is free WiFi in the new waiting room at Bob's Wheel Alignment!

I'm sorry someone is troubled by our employee's driving but I would have had to have been there to imagine Bob YELLING at a concerned customer.

How about a return visit and let's get this settled in an adult way instead of venting to the Hook.

WHAT? No free wireless internet service for waiting customers? This is 2009! What will people do without internet access while having their tires rotated or an alignment?

(While I am being a tad sarcastic, it would be a definite plus to some customers that don't have internet access on their cell phones I suppose!)

Only place to get your alignment done right- so I have been told by so many

Ms. Archer,

Thanks for letting us know about the WiFi in the waiting room. I've updated the post to include that information.

Dave McNair

I have to agree with Sherry. Having known Bob for well over 35 years, I can't imagine him reacting in such a manner as well.

After watching one of Bob's employees drive very recklessly down Market Street in a customer's car a couple of years ago, I stopped in and asked to speak to the owner. Like I expected, Bob himself came out to speak to me. I would certainly want to know if I had an employee misbehaving like that while representing my business, but I was stunned when after I told him what I had witnessed, he yelled at me to get out of there and told me that one of his employees would never do that.

It was quite obvious that it was one of his employees, since he was wearing his uniform and I watched him return to a shop bay. I had made sure to be discreet about what I was saying and to do it away from any customers at the time so I can't imagine why the owner would react that way.

Needless to say, I get my car worked on elsewhere since then. Contrary to what diagoliv writes, it isn't hard at all to find somewhere else to get an alignment done right.