CHS Orchestra honored by invitation

The Charlottesville High School Orchestra is the only high school orchestra in the country invited to perform at the inaugural Castleton Music Festival, taking place at the Rappahannock County estate of New York Philharmonic music director Lorin Maazel. According to a press release, 25 members of the orchestra will leave for Rappahannock on July 6 to begin rehearsing with conservatory students and professional musicians. The $1.5 million dollar festival runs from July 3 to 19; Charlottesville students will perform on July 11 and 19.


The link to the festival is borken.

I was just thinking summer music festivals... I'll save anybody some time if they want to know the prices: about $50 - $80 per ticket. Should be worth it though. And the recitals at Little Washington are $25.

Thanx for all the valuable info. Really appreciate it and will go check out the shows

Also all the "possibly related content" links are borked because they are missing the URI dates.