Alleged pimp arrested

news-lemusAlbemarle police say they've busted a prostitution ring operating in the 2200 block of Commonwealth Drive after one month of investigation. Santo Virgilio Lemus, 31, is charged with one count of receiving money from the earnings of a prostitute. No mugshot is available for Elizabeth Huertas Rondon, 37, who has a Washington address and is charged with one count of prostitution.

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The bigger the business area the more junk comes into C-ville. C-ville is not what was five years ago. When will C-ville get a clue to that fact stop haveing your head up your butt C-ville. It is not the PD but City C that is a clueless mess. Glad C-ville PD and Albemarle got this mess before people got sick Who to know whom is sick already so sad to say but true. This Sick and very Sad low life used folks being that are already so stupied to us prostitiion services. Just sad...

You know, it does seem that the only thing that ever matters is business development. Residents should have their neighborhoods destroyed, excessive traffic, you name it, for the sake of business. Once they run off all the residents, who do they think is going to keep the businesses open?