Couric uploads her UVA reunion to YouTube

news-couricuvaJust after returning to New York from visiting Charlottesville for her 30th year class reunion at UVA, Katie Couric uploaded a handheld video she shot of the event to her YouTube channel. After introducing viewers to some of her college friends, the CBS Evening News anchor pays a visit to her old room on the Lawn, and goes for a late-night Gusburger at the White Spot.


Who cares she is not like other UVA grads. Be real media and C-ville people she does not live nor think like the rest of us she is not like anyone else. But a loud mouth Dem. Get real Katie your washed up. Your sister on the other hand was a wonderful person and real. So sick of reading the hooks libral ways so sick of it...

Well,thats irrevalent,look how far Miss Katie Couric has gone,now a major news anchor. I am on staff at UVA. I dont personally watch Miss Couric on television but I respect her knowledge/experience, It just proves how far you can go after college,the sky is the limit. I Think there are some jealous people among us!

Any porn?

Last time I checked, Miller, you had to CHOOSE to read the Hook. If you're sick of it, don't read it. Go watch Fox news so you don't have to challenge your belief system with another point of view.