Spending spree: Cards filched from Farmington

news-bestbuycreditcardmanofmysteryHave you seen this man?

Police are looking for a man who went on an $8,000 Nikon-camera-buying spree June 12 using stolen credit cards lifted earlier at Farmington Country Club.

The cards were used at Wal-Mart, Sears, Ritz Camera, Finish Line, and at Best Buy, where police retrieved security video. Police describe the person in the two released images as a white male between 5'4" and 5'6", about 150 pounds, and between 40 and 50 years old.

"Within a couple of hours of the theft," says Farmington GM Phil Keister, "$8,000 was charged before the victim even realized the theft."

After a call to the credit card company, the camera equipment spree was halted.

"The credit card company shut them down," says Keister of the cards, noting that they were presented at a couple of additional locations.

The country club had hosted a golf tournament that day for members and guests. Is it possible the thief is a member?

"It's entirely possible," says Kiester. "The only people we can eliminate are women."

It appears to Keister, however, to be at least a two-man job because no one who has seen the pictures recalls seeing that individual at Farmington.

"We looked at security photos from Best Buy," says Kiester. "I would guess the person who stole the cards is not the person in the video."

Keister says he thinks the thief is someone who would feel comfortable walking around the Farmington locker room and notes theft at the club is "pretty unusual."

In 2002, Farmington locker rooms made the news when a naked man allegedly strolled into the women's locker room and pretended it was an accident, the same M.O. that allegedly was used across the street at Boar's Head Sports Club.

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