Photog takes the 2/1000ths and runs

garageThe photographer who just six weeks ago was claiming $385,000 in damages for alleged theft of his work by a Charlottesville blog has settled for $750, less than two one-thousandths of the amount he initially claimed, according to Cvillain, the alleged tortfeasor.

Reached by telephone at her Atlanta law office, lead attorney Carolyn Wright declined to say why she launched a lawsuit– with co-counsel in Charlottesville in the form of Tremblay & Smith– only to let it go for less than some Charlottesville lawyers charge for two hours of their time.

"I'm not going to comment on litigation," said Wright.

Even when it's over?


In a surprising epilogue, just a few hours after announcing the lawsuit settlement, Kyle Redinger, operator of the Cvillain, which has been one of Charlottesville's most active blogs with three to five posts daily (not to mention "a great party"), declared that he was unplugging Cvillain unless a suitor suddenly steps forward.

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Kyle's been threatening to take his toys and go home for a while now, so this isn't too shocking. Websites are time-consuming to take maintain. Everyone knows that. What is surprising, and very unprofessional, is that Spicy Bear took down the cvillestyle site with no notice or explanation. What happened to their employees? When cvillemuse folded, they at least warned the readers.

Some of the cvillain posters are really solid-- Colfer and Belmont Yo come to mind-- and perhaps they'll migrate to other sites.

Just my humble, but I won’t miss a blog with such scintillating topics as ââ?¬Å?Pooping @ Work” and ââ?¬Å?10 Best Public Places to Have Sex in Charlottesville.”

But I’m sure someone will. And that someone will flame me.
Just my humble, but I won't miss a blog with such scintillating topics as "Pooping @ Work" and "10 Best Public Places to Have Sex in Charlottesville." But I'm sure someone will. And that someone will flame me.

Me thinks that sort of suitor would be stepping rearward to take what Mr. Redinger had to give him.

@Sneezie: Are you implying that Kyle is gay, or just that whoever takes over cvillain would be getting screwed?

Tempest in a teapot.

they must have made no money on the site and it looks like $750 (plus attorney fees) brought the site to it's knees. Bye Bye cvillain, you were silly and fun to read.