Progress runs tear-jerking story

Daily Progress readers recently received an uplifting, tear-jerking story of the UVA student who suffered what might have been a fatal, face-crushing injury while bicycling the Blue Ridge Parkway. Were it not for some doctors, including Martha Jefferson's well-placed Mark Harris and UVA's Stephen Park, there might have been a vastly different ending to this three-part story.

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Recent biking accident as well when a woman on a tour ran into an SUV--saw a police officer riding down the 250 bypass yesterday, amazing he survivied. You have to be crazy to ride on some of the roads around here or suicidal. Glad this guy survived.

Did anyone else notice that they ran the series at the same time as a number of biking related pieces? Biking to the movies, trail maintenance, etc?

Very inspiring story, though I some how missed the final segment.


Here is a link to the third part.

I originally read this story in the Inquirer and it is indeed very inspiring.