Pig mascot missing in Scottsville

Scottsville has a case of porcine pilfering on its hands. According to the Newsplex, Wilber, the 18" pig mascot outside Pee Wee's Pit Barbecue has gone missing. He was last seen on Sunday, June 28. Wilbur has been previously featured in the Hook during the 2008 presidential campaign, when he donned lipstick in light of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin taking offense at then-Senator Barack Obama making the comment, "You can put lipstick on a pig; it's still a pig."


a facebook page has been created to help spread the message. please go there and sign up for updates and to spread the love.


also, just for the record the owners spell it "wilber" either to be different or out of sheer ignorance.

It ain't missing. They used it in the last batch of BBQ or so it tasted.

Porcine pilfering???

Perhaps the city council eminent domained it to use as the mascot for their prposed tax increases (that will simply BACKFIRE and send more businesos away)

I see the Warner sticker in the back ground. I suspect the democrats stole it to use as a mascot for their porkulous spending that they are pushing through congress.

oh snap!