New lights for Mall

news-snaptue-fancylightsmallAs part of its $7.5-million renovation, which appears now to be complete, new lights adorn the trees, as was evident in this photo from 9:19pm on June 29.


You are so right they have ruined the romance of the Mall at night.

For another 2.5 million we could have the lights dimmed during weekends and one fountian fixed (we can just raise the fee's on the vendors it wont affect anybody)

are the fountains working?

Ummm, weren't they up like 3 or 4 weeks ago...? Do you guys look out your windows much?

If the mall renovation is finished, why is 2nd Street at Water Street still surrounded by chain link fence and blocked off to traffic? It's a bigger eyesore than the old unfinished and abandoned hotel on the mall.

The new lights are ugly. They give off a white fluorescent glow that makes me feel like I'm shopping at WalMart instead of relaxing under the stars.