Deeds declines Obama invite

news-obamadeedsState Senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds had an invite from President Barack Obama to appear with him today in Northern Virginia, but Deeds reportedly declined, and told the White House he already had other plans– meeting with the secondary school teachers of Williamsburg. Asked by the Washington Post why he turned down the chance to be at the president's side, Deeds said, "I've got this thing I'm working on–- I'm trying to be elected Governor of Virginia."
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interesting, that he has already decided he cant run on the obama ticket to win. I would suspect that he is on his own now. The obama team does not forget; they will say all the right things, but this guy will be cut off from any obama resources as of today. i hope he knows what he is doing.

I can't wait for the debates either! Creigh Deeds has made a career out of being underestimated. Meanwhile, Bob McDonnell's record as AG may not prove to be as big an asset as some would like to believe. Some of his decisions in that office may well prove to be a liability.

The GOP would be foolish to be overconfident.

Oh come on - This Annandale town hall was a VERY last-minute thing - Deeds had FAR more to lose by dissing a group in Tidewater than he had to gain by simply being seen at a presidential event. Deeds isn't running away from Obama who, in case anybody forgot, WON Virginia last year. But I'm sure that won't stop McDonnell from using the "Robb-Wilder-Terry-Obama-Deeds" line, or something similar. If he's smart, he'll throw in Allen, Gilmore, and Sanford.

I think Deeds knows exactly what he is doing since he needs to win some conservative Virginia voters away from McDonnell. But I suspect the Obama administration appreciates this�they are not like the Bushies; it's no longer "you're either for us or against us." I think what matters most is having another Democratic governor.

Alternate headline: Deeds nos a bad penny when he sees one.

Bob McDonnell just invited Deeds to 10 debates!

Bob is also giving away tickets to the debates. All you have to do is text "TIX" to 46262 for your chance to win!

I can't wait for these debates.

Deeds, like every other Democrat, is expecting the teachers to push him into office (higher teacher salaries) and Obama knows it. Of course he's not going to stand up this very influential group (they do a great job of manning phone banks and letting the community know who's going to "improve education").
10 debates? Neither one of the gentlemen know enough or has accomplished enough to fill up half that many. Three should be sufficient, certainly not more than 4.