Family baffled in club boss disappearance

news-comer-gaffney-nbc29Brother-in-law Jeff Gaffney went on NBC29 to express the family's bafflement.

A 9:30am weekday phone call to his mother and a drive to his vacation house at Wintergreen are about the only clues in the Wednesday disappearance of prominent developer and country club president Michael Comer.

What initially looked like a simple search for a hiker took a bizarre twist the following evening when officials indicated they no longer think that the missing Glenmore Country Club president and former Kessler Group project manager would be found at Wintergreen Resort where the 45-year-old Comer allegedly went missing July 1.

NBC29 reports that the search has ceased and broadcast a subsequent report in which brother-in-law Jeff Gaffney expresses the family pain and puzzlement that Comer's car, keys, and cellphone were found at Wintergreen.

Comer isn't just an employee in the Kessler/Glenmore empire. He is married to Kandi Kessler Comer, a daughter of the late Frank Kessler and a former professional tournament golfer who operates her own golf school at Glenmore. The couple reportedly met on the Futures Tour, a sort of minor league in the LPGA.

–-originally posted July 3 at 5:57am under the headline, "Mystery deepens in club boss disappearance"


Yes...still searching?

perhaps he is living two lives, maybe the other woman picked him up, he wants to leave the old life behind

There must be some evidence that he's not at Wintergreen, otherwise why would they not continue to search for him there ?

Weird. . . Apparently, Mr. Comer has no known enemies and was described as a family man. Still, the fact that he just left his work on Wed. without calling his wife is odd.

anyone checked in Argentina...

All great comedy is based on truth. Watch "Caddyshack" to see how these buffoons behave and you will see how this "adult version of Spalding" found his way into this conundrum. Gee, Steve McNair was also a family man.
If anyone likes, look at the latest issue of the Farmington Country Club newsletter! There is actually a picture of club members and their little preppy snobs in training walking the golf course with buckets, filling in divuts with dirt! Just what I want to do: beg Biff and Trip to sponsor me, then spend thousands of dollars and interview with "superiors" so I can perhaps get a whiff of the clubhouse, finally become a member...THEN provide them free groundskeeping service! What, did Farmington have to lay off Bill Murray? Ugh.

Re: Never Been To A Game

Well, at least you're not bitter.

Are they still searching elsewhere?

Glenmore Homeowners Association has cut off Comers access to their funds, and released a statement

Perhaps he got tired of the silliness of County Club life and decided to run off and join the circus.

Perhaps he's hiking the Appalachian Trail.