Sneak peek at newest Barracks addition


The former site of Hollywood Video has a new look these days as the nameplate for Anthropologie, the Urban Outfitters Inc-owned retailer, has recently appeared in the north wing of Barracks Road Shopping Center. Construction continues to transform the old video rental shop, as the high-end women's retailer plans to open its doors Friday, August 21– exactly three months after Urban Outfitters opened on the Downtown Mall. The store carries high-end casual clothing and accessories, along with home furnishings.


Irony that it is remembered as the old hollywood video. Before it was that it was (for an even longer time than hollywood video) an independent book store which had a really exceptional selection.

More Chains arriving in Cville! Is the architect for this project local, or is it corporate?

Speaking of Barracks Road, I heard that somebody's working on a Pizza place to open later this year. Anybody know where it's going in?

Bob - I had to laugh at your comment! My wife (who has roots here 13 generations deep) still refers to the location of the Hydraulic Rd. Kroger's as "the old drive-in theater", she refers to one of the Brown's car dealerships "the old Caravan," and we both refer to the shopping center where Advance Auto and Staples are as "the old Dart Shopper's World." And the new Barracks Rd addition is going in "the old Book Gallery."

Kind of seems like a Charlottesville thing. Maybe it's "What would Mr. Jefferson call it" issue?

Just heard today that high end apparel stores are the ones hardest hit in this save now buy later economy, wonder if these stores will make it.