After Comer: New leaders, new audits for Glenmore

news-mikecomer2The photograph shown to Wintergreen searchers.

In the wake of the disappearance of Glenmore Country Club president Michael Comer, a review of all financial accounts will commence "immediately." Meanwhile brother-in-law and Real Estate III chair Jeff Gaffney (who served as the public face of the family when Comer disappeared) has joined longtime developer Steve Runkle to manage the associated development businesses.

Already, Comer had been relieved of his duties by the Glenmore homeowner association. The new information comes in a July 7 letter from Gaffney to Glenmore residents and club members and notes that club executive director Glenn Crossman will manage the club's day to day operation.

Without mentioning Comer–- who disappeared prior to a July 1 financial audit meeting–- the letter also notes that the Kessler family, Gaffney's in-laws, is "extremely saddened by the recent situation."

According to Nelson County sheriff David Brooks, no new leads have been found in the case, but authorities had previously searched Wintergreen Resort, where Comer's vehicle was left.

Phone messages left with Gaffney, Crossman, and with Comer's wife, Kandi, were not returned.


Doesn't seem like the smartest of moves by the association - to replace Mike Comer w/ the other son-in-law Jeff Gaffney??? The logical solution would seem to be that you appoint a non-family member & double them (meaning have 2 people required to sign-off on any money/decisions). With Gaffney it would seem that you still have the fox guarding the hen house.

"Why did he really need to take off when he was set for life" - maybe he wasn't.

He might have had a maxed home equity line of credit or Option ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) that was about to make payments much higher on one or more of the Glenmore properties he owns maybe he's facing financial collapse like McGowan the realtor with all the foreclosures that C-ville profiled last winter.

I've met and interacted with Comer a few times in the past and didn't think he was particularly smart, but maybe he's a criminal genius? If in fact he misappropriated Glenmore funds, then rather than wait till he's charged and have to take his chances or skip on bail, likely costing his family their home, he's beaten everyone to the chase and gotted off scott-free. As to whether his family knows where he is? I'd guess they've gotten a blank post-card from Fort Hancock Texas by now. If Big Frank was still around, Comer could go to Indo-China and there'd be Tommy Pace waitin to bust a cap in his a$$

A real estate agent told me, if a client wanted to buy at Glenmore they needed to have a lawyer carefully look at all the obligations they would be liable for. This situation would make me very nervous if I owned a home there.

I don't get it, Glenmore dues and fees have always supported his family and their lifestyle. Why did he really need to take off when he was set for life as part of the monarchy that runs the place, and runs it poorly I should add. There has to be more here. I still hope and pray that he is alive, for the children's sake.

Great insight Lucy. This guy is sailing around the world right now with Glenmore dues and fees financing the whole trip. I love the headline Homeowners oust missing treasurer. He left them high and dry they didnt oust jack. The search was called off remember? He ain't missing he's chilling both the cops and the Glenmore Homeowners know that. How bout this headline? Comer splits and Glenmore homeowners foot the bill. Look at what this guys FAMILY IS DOING RIGHT NOW> Golfing working shopping chilling. THey know he's chillun. Wake up people.

And for those of yall that don't know on the old school c-ville tip thats whats up. THis fugginguy is a coward and a schmuck. SChmard.