Byrne remembers

news-davidbyrnejinxkern Back in June, James “Jinx” Kern, owner of Jinx’s Pit’s-Top Barbecue had a "brush with genius" when David Byrne and his band, in town for a concert at the Pavilion, popped into the little barbecuery on East Market Street for some lunch. “There’s an irony here,” said Jinx. “Back in 1985 I dated an ER doctor who was crazy about me because she thought I looked like David Byrne. That’s how I became a Talking Heads fan.” Jinx didn’t have a camera on hand, but Byrne took a photo of them together and promised he’d send it to him. Well, it looks like Mr. Byrne is a man of his word.

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It appears the City is very generous when its minions do as it wishes.