Apple brew: Gov. Kaine dedicates hard cider operation

web-cider-kainedrinkPromoting a new local agribusiness, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was on hand July 13 for the grand opening of the Albemarle CiderWorks at Rural Ridge Orchard on Route 29 South, now one of only two hard cider producers in the state. Kaine declared the cider to be "spectacular" and told a funny story about serving it to his family at breakfast, unaware that the tasty stuff contained seven percent alcohol. After several speakers praised the Shelton family's new business, including County Supe David Slutzky and Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Robert S. Bloxom, the crowd descended on the CiderWorks tasting room to mingle and sample the appley beverages. slideshow button.indd


My first hard cider tasting was this year and wow does that stuff pack a punch--don't get me wrong I enjoyed it, but be sure to take along a designated driver if you plan on tasting more than a sip.

"Botany of Desire" is pretty informative about how apples were originally valued more as sources of alcohol than for their fruit.