Comer blamed: Glenmore group missing $666K

news-mikecomer2The photograph shown to searchers when Comer was treated as a missing hiker.

"A total of $666,446 is missing from our operating and reserve accounts due to apparently unauthorized activity by Mr. Comer over the last four years." So says a statement from the Glenmore Community Association, a neighborhood group that missing man Michael Comer served as treasurer.

Comer went missing July 1, moments before a meeting with auditors. Despite a fruitless search, his ouster from leadership positions, and expressions of family concern, he has not come forward to clear his now-sullied name.

His wife, Kandi, a former professional golfer and daughter of the late Glenmore founder Frank Kessler, did release a statement to WINA radio.

"Over the past 20 years I have only known Mike to be honest and hard working," she wrote. "He is a wonderful husband and a devoted father who truly adores his kids. Neither the kids nor Mike's parents or I saw anything in the days and weeks preceding Mike's disappearance that seemed suspicious or out of the ordinary."

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Local, you'll be disappointed if you move.

Local, in a few years it will no longer be a "$2 million house." It will be cheaper.

Glenmore is actually a pretty nice country club. My family looked out there when we moved to the area a few years ago. We ended up not being able to afford it, and moved to Old Trail instead. It's too bad what is going on out there right now. I still hope to move to Keswick or Glenmore when I can afford a $2 million house in a few years.


How is that funny? Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike's wife and two young children. We hope their father has a safe return home and is able to move on from this ordeal.

Perhaps Mike is somewhere in a third world cantina sipping on a cold corona and eating a grilled grouper with mango and papaya. Look, if you are responsible for a ton of missing cash and it looks like someone has found out about it what would you do? Go to prison or bolt?.....I bet most of you pick bolt. Hope he has sand in his shoes.

I am sorry but I agree with Scotty, Comer is long gone and I doubt very seriously if there is anything wrong with him, he is safely tucked away in some other country living the good life while his wife and children are here wondering where he is, or maybe they are not wondering, for all we know they could know where he is and just not going public with it. Either way another "white collar" crime that will escape the judicial system becasue this guy was one step ahead of the board.

for all we know he's living in the Catskill Mountains with a pet Falcon

If $666K turns out to be the mark of the beast with two backs that money ain't gonna last very long. Justice is a woman.

Comer in "office" since '94 and NO AUDITS (because they cost too much). What a bunch of incompetent buffoons! Two kids running a lemonade stand show more financial acuity than these idiots. I predict Comer will be serving time in prison within two years. Maybe his wife too if she played any role. Oh I forgot, she never noticed the extra 666K her family had the use of these past few years. If you believe that, there's a bridge in NY I can sell you real cheap. I'll even throw in a tunnel at no extra charge.

This is CYA: "Neither the kids nor Mike’s parents or I saw anything in the days and weeks preceding Mike’s disappearance that seemed suspicious or out of the ordinary.”

No doubt the same parties have already "lawyered up" for civil and criminal eventualities....

weird number: 666K? did the devil make him do it?

also, you cant get far on 666k. it's not a lot of money to hide with forever. he will turn up. I feel bad for his kids.

That is hilarious. Ohh mercy me I hope he is ok oh my goodness. He is in our prayers his poor family lalala. HAHAHAHAHAHA you unknowing sad idiot. It is funny because he DUPED you. He DUPED everyone that sincerely thinks he is missing. Let me ask you this. Your dad goes missing ok your father not your uncle not your neighbor your FATHER. Would you be out golfing that same week? Nah Unless of course you knew daddy was safe n sound with all glenmores dues and fees. White collar crime is the crime to commit the punishment never fits the severity of the crime and most of the time the culprit pulls a Comer shall we say. (Splits) I am still laughing at you sad. His family doesnt seem sad have not seen or heard from them saying please help us find him. They are too busy golfing (his kids) shopping (wifey) how can they go through the gates at glenmore after this. WHATTA JOKE HAHAHAHAH

Why do people assume that he still has the money? It is quite possible that he spent it already and couldn't come up with enough to cover. Game over and he fled to avoid the consequences.

Glenmore should give him another $220 so the total would be $666,666.

Ex-Glenmoron, you are too funny and too correct -- incompetent buffoons and idiots. You've described the GCA Board and most of the residents perfectly.

And they think they're better than everyone else. Well, we know one thing for sure they're not better at. LMAO


The GCA Board is "Comertose."

The GCA Board was "comered."

This is getting to be fun!

Michael Comer's house is now for sale: