City pays landlords to save water

news-toiletrebate The Hook's landlord just received a $200 check from the City of Charlottesville as a rebate for installing two low-flow toilets. Given that the landlord, Portico Properties, only spent about $200 for the hardware, the Alexis Dual Flush from QualityCraft, that means installation was the only net cost. (Last time we saw a dual-flush in operation was the night we went to Al Hamraa restaurant.)

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How long till the toilets will pay for installation from water savings ?

Fizz Fizz, they won't pay for themselves. Quite the opposite actually. In case some of you have been living under a rock lately, the price of water just went up locally because comsumption was down. It was our reward for voluntarily conserving water.

What a deal ! Now we can all afford to replace those water wasting toilets, save money and help the environment--thanks for sharing this, made my day.

A very cheap alternative that will product the same water savings a an 1/8th of the cost is a dual flush toilet conversion kit Upgarding your toilet will save landfill space, water and your money. A simple change like this will save a swimming pool of water eash year. This will save you money and pay for itself in a short time.

If everybody saved a swimming pool of water each year I would hate to see the rate increases next year. The less water you use, the more it will cost you. This was just proven here locally. Has everybody preaching water conservation forgotten this adventure already?