Some Republicans go for Deeds

Dem gubernatorial candidate/local state Senator Creigh Deeds has eight moderate Republican former legislators signing on to support him. Called Virginians for Deeds, the list includes former state senator Russ Potts, who ran for governor as an independent in 2005, and John Chichester, who once headed the state Senate.

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With a headline like that I wonder what side of the aisle Lisa is on?

These are not republicans. They simple road a coattail into office and then turncoated. They are doing the same thing here simply to get their names out front again by riding the pied pipers (Obama)coattail. I believe in Democracy not Socialism and Deeds will lead us to the latter as he follows Obamas lead right along with Perry-l-lo.

Deeds will need all the help he can get. In today's NYT :

"Republicans, however, may not have to wait until 2010 to start posting victories. There are two elections for governor this November, in New Jersey and Virginia, both for seats held by Democrats. And both seem to be prime targets for Republicans."

MacDonnel's got it in the bag! No way the Democrats can win in Virginia come November!! He should start measuring the drapes.

Maybe George Allen could help with that? Lord knows he doesn't have anything meaningful to do these days......

Last I heard, Terry MacCaullife wasn't busy either!

Support from these RINO's will have no impact on the election; Virginians know that we don't want the kind of Government that Obama and friends are trying to stick us with, and will not elect Creigh Deeds!

You said it Tom.

Obama said he would shut down Guantanamo, yet he can't. He said he would pull American troops out of Iraq, yet we are still there. He said he would allow Americans to read bills a week before they were voted on, yet they are rushing these bills (stimulus, tarp money, and soon to be healthcare) through the system because they don't want the American people to know what is in the Bills! He sent more (35,000) of our troops to Afghanistan (this after some democrats hailed Obama as a "President of Peace")

After all this and with local democratic leaders having backed Obama, you really think Virginians are going to stand to keep these people in power? No.

We already have 35 TRILLION in UNFUNDED medicare liabilites.. how are we going to solve this by adding anoter trilliona year on top of that?

Obamas coattails will be pretty dingy by the time election day is here...