Kinda like the Twilight Zone, with beer

dish-minnerlyPaul Minnerly's next stop? The Beer Zone.

You're traveling to another world, a world not only of the senses, but of beer. To Frederick, Maryland, to be exact, on the inaugural run of Beer Zone Tours.

The beer junket was organized by Crozetian Paul Minnerly, who loves beer so much he grows hops in his backyard, and offers a private tour of Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick. The $75 ticket includes souvenirs, pizza, a bus ride with other hops fans and of course, beer tasting.

Minnerly dreams of other brewery tours, and has an August 22 "Brew Ridge" trail tour of Devil's Backbone lined up,  fall-color tours of local breweries, and a Pennsylvania beer tour that will not include Budweiser, he notes.

The Flying Dog tour is Saturday, July 25, and rolls out at 8:50am from Beer Run and at 9:20am from Barracks Road Shopping Center in front of Greenberry's. Tickets are available at Beer Run or by calling 434-963-9353.

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Paul Minnerly is a fine independent contractor who just built a marvelous new deck on our home. He's a great guy and good company.

Why no Budweiser? That's right, Bud has that clear, crisp taste unlike the micro brews that fill you up and leave an aftertaste forever. I guess you are telling most people their taste doesn't count.

...because Bud tastes like fizzy stale water? "Most people" may drink it, but that doesn't mean it's better beer.

If you'd like to tour a Bud brewery, you're welcome to do so, but I guess this just isn't the trip for you.

FYI: If you like Bud, you should find Lawnmower by Dogfish Head Brewery. It's comparable to Bud (it's a light-bodied APA), but of much higher quality.

So what you are saying is that you are a real beer drinker because you prefer micros over domestics? I love lobster but there are people who hate it. Does that mean they don't have any taste for food? Our company did a wine tasting at keswick vineyard and the man giving the tasting told us to let our palates decide which wine we prefer and don't listen to the so called experts.

Bud fan, Bud is to good beer like a McDonalds burger is to Five Guys or Riverside. For now i will just assume you are joking. no self respecting beer lover prefers bud over craft beers.

I like coors and when I go to the Coors plant in the valley they give me free beer and ask me to come back. I wish Star Hill would do that, then I wouldn't have to find stuff to do.

Maybe what you need to do Bud Fan is to rent a mini-van and do a cheap wine and mass market american beer tour of all the local convenience stores. I'm sure there are tons of non-snobs just waiting for the opportunity to shell out $75 for a great afternoon like that.

Or you could just let them follow you in there own car

This is a great new idea! The fact that there will be no Budweiser is a side issue. It's simply telling that this will be the kind of beer tour that explores the small and local breweries.