TheRutabaga: Comer's Twitters suggest new leads

rutabagaMissing Glenmore treasurer Michael Comer may have disappeared, but his Twitters live on:

@Leaving on a vacation today. Yippie!

@Man, this suitcase is heavy....

@Today, I've decided to just stop watching and reading the news.

@Slept at a rest area last night... just like a trucker...

@Why does everything you do require a credit card? Arrgggh!

@Man, home just feels a million miles away today.

@Believe it or not, sometimes it's hard to relax on vacation.

@Yay! Made it across the border today. Five hours in the trunk of a car...

@Call me crazy, but I've decided to go on permanent vacation. Follow your bliss!

"TheRutabaga" is a new and occasional feature satirizing items of local interest.

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It's too bad Comer didn't care about his children as much as commenters like G.W. seem to.

Disgustingly creative writing. Glad we live in a country where one can write cruelly about public figures, if one chooses to do so. Your piece is humorous, but probably not to Comer's two adolescent children who are most certainly hurting. May your children never experience such pain in life or from satire.

Actually, it might help his adolescent children to know they're not the only ones who find his behavior unacceptable.

That's not a rutabaga; it's a turnip.

Typically you put an "@" before a tweet only when it's directed at a user.

Hey G dub. "Probably not to Comers two adolescent children who are almost certainly hurting. " Are they hurting because of this piece? Or are they hurting because their Father is a coward and a thief and a liar who does not have any real respect and love for his family or he would not have abandoned them all like this. His kids were golfing less than week after daddy split they know he is alright. To say any different is to perpetuate his lies. Don't blame the article for hurting his kids. Comer did this do his kids he deserves to be publicly ridiculed. This was his choice. He stole he lied now he is on the run. Don't worry my children will never experience such pain in life because even if I do lie and steal I will not be a coward I will show face enough and be MAN enough to admit my mistakes and BE ACCOUNTABLE. I thought this article was funny. At first I thought it was real. More believable than he got lost at wintergreen.

@St Peter doesn't look happy.

Burn Hollywood Burn!