Wrenching news from June shooting

A 14-year-old girl, a refugee, hit by a stray bullet June 6 while sleeping in bed, is paralyzed, according to the unnamed city officials, according to the Newsplex.

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All American City! Yeah, uh huh!

It's going to get worse, folks. The criminals own the streets in this city already.

keeping faith get a life. parents are doing a good job raising their teenagers. so stfu

Parents are doing a good job raising their teenagers????

That's the funniest thing I have ever read on my Internet.

To Mike Wizowski:
Dicipline is looking to get its "s" back, so I hope you don't mind that I removed it from your name to return it to its rightful owner.

I would have to agree with you on that one Sick. in reference to our previous comments on a seperate story, dicipline is the biggest issue in our communities these days.

There are various ways to dicipline correctly but doing so inccorectly causes these problems we read about such as this one. It's a ripple effect just like everything else. You're right Keeping Faith, a huge part of correct dicipline involves faith whether it be in Christianity or Islam. The proper fundamentals expressed in the Holy scriptures of most religions are the backbone of good character. Though the actual message of certain religions may not be carried down to each generatiion, most of the time the principles are if properly stressed by parents.

It's very sad that someone that was asleep and had nothing to do with anything, someone that has her whole life ahead of her and now is going to be challanged because of someone elses ignorance, it's sad...I can't even imagine if this was my daughter how upset and hurt I would feel not only for my daughter but for the ignorant person that was on the other end if that had been my son or daughter that had pulled the trigger and has to think about how he/she has distoryed and shattered someone elses dreams and having to know that this 14 year old girl is having to struggle everyday to make it (which I'm sure she will) through her tough times ahead and struggles to come. Why can't we find things better to do like than point and firing guns at people like helpling someone that needs help mowing their lawn, picking up trash, the elderly washing their car! Does anyone think about anyone else anymore instead of theirsleves! Go to Church learn about god, how to respect each other, talk to each other and deal with things the right way the way that god would want you to deal with them. Too many teenagers are raising thereselves instead of the parents raising them and therfore they are trying to take matters into their own hands and handling things the wrong way instead of turning to guns young ones turn to your church community!

I'll have to contact all my family members and share the knowledge on how to correctly spell our names. Thanks