A spider web is tangled up with me

news-spiderweb-med A spider web over a freshly-mowed yard in Albemarle last week.

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Looks like a gargantuan spider made that web, glad you didn't end up like the star in " Little Shop of Horrors" at the Culbreth Theatre .

"examining the web will provide clues to the type of spider that has created the web."

looks like an orb web (Araneidae) found " near the garden or suspended between branches of small trees and shrubs. These webs look like the traditional wagon wheel with spokes."


I wouldn't want to be an insect ensnared in one of those webs, but as a human it's fascinating to watch a spider making them. The way they do it, laying down the spokes and going around and around, and knowing that there are two different types of silk thread used, one that's sticky to trap the bugs, and the other for the spider to walk along is just amazing. Sometimes when I come across a web with a spider in the middle I like to toss like, a little bit of leaf onto the edge of the web and watch the spider hurry across the web, get to the leaf, examine it...then pick it up and toss it out of the web. Then run back to the center. It's awesome! :D I only do it once or twice though, don't want to like, torment them or anything. :D

Spiderific, loved your description. Taking the time to closely observe the natural world is one of life's greatest joys.