Baby birds in a box

news-babyirds-med Seen at a local restaurant last week.

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All I want to say is that the MUNICIPAL BAND concert last night was the best yet. I have attended for several years at various places and do thank Paramont Theater for letting the BAND play there.
For those who do not know the concerts are FREE and Charlottesville and Albemarle are blessed to have them.
Thanks to Music Director Steve Layman and all the volunteers who make this happen. Martha

If you do find an orphaned or injured bird, or other wildlife, the Rockfish Sanctuary would be glad to nurse them back to health. Recently I drove up there with a baby starling, the same babies I believe are pictured here, and was entranced to see the 100's of animals they are caring for in a beautiful setting. Best to call first

This picture says it all FEED ME !