666K later: Comer arrested after Wintergreen discovery

news-mikecomerbeforeafter1The photograph shown to searchers when Comer was treated as a missing hiker and his new mugshot.

One day after his arrest in Wintergreen's Mountain Lodge, missing Glenmore Home Association Treasurer Michael Comer appeared Tuesday morning by video feed in Albemarle District Court where a prosecutor argued that he was such a flight risk that he should remain without bond at the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail.

"The likelihood of his appearing [at his upcoming preliminary hearing] is slim at best," said Albemarle Commonwealth's Attorney Denise Lunsford, noting the amount missing from the Association "has a value of over $400,000."

Comer's attorney, Charles Sipe, standing alongside Comer's wife, Kandi Comer, cited the fact that his client was not under arrest at the time he disappeared on July 1 and that although found with his passport with him, the fact that he hadn't fled the country should weigh in his favor. At the July 28 hearing, Sipe also noted that Kandi Comer has been "very forthright" with investigators, particularly in contacting police immediately after receiving her husband's call from a Wintergreen pay phone.

Dressed in jail stripes with rumpled hair and a beard apparently grown while on the run, Comer stands accused of embezzling as much as $666,000 from the Glenmore Homeowner's Association, which he served as treasurer. He said little throughout the proceedings other than answering questions with a quiet 'yes' or 'no.'

Albemarle District Court Judge William G. Barkley set Comer's bond at $50,000 and required that he turn in his passport. If he can come up with money or property to secure the bond, Comer will reside with his wife and two children at their home, which currently on the market for $1.35 million.

(One local real estate blogger notes that the house and another Comer-owned property are listed for $492,000 above their purchase prices from 2005 and 2008, a market-defying increase that, if realized, might chip away much of the alleged $666,000 Comer is accused of taking.)

Dressed in a bright pink linen shirt and khaki pants, Kandi Comer, a former professional golfer and daughter of Glenmore developer Frank Kessler, remained composed throughout this morning's hearing as two other apparent Comer supporters prayed aloud in the back of the room prior to the proceedings.

Following the hearing, and speaking on behalf of the family, attorney Sipe pronounced them "relieved" that Comer has been found. "They're going to use the next couple days simply to  decompress," he said, "and see where we go from here."

Comer's preliminary hearing has been set for September 3 at 9:30am in Albemarle District Court.

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poor rich crooks!

A (partial) list of the unanswered questions surrounding this man:


This is too weird!

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Please...please don't tell me that the wife is actually named "Kandi Comer." What is her golfing handicap?

Mr/Mrs/Miss I'm Just Saying, you really need to take a few minutes and read the 8th amendment to the Constitution.

Amendment 8: No excessive bail or fines, no cruel and unusual punishments.

Yes, we know by today's standards the man is guilty until proven innocent in a court of law. Exactly opposite of what it used to be. But, no bond???????

Just Saying, you're talking to a bunch of busy body gossips here who sit online using their employer's computers and Internet access while at work. Don't say too many things that make sense, it ruins all the comical ramblings they dream up on their employer's dime! :)

I can hardly wait for them to return to work tomorrow morning and see what they say about the Comers next.

So what does Nelson County use as "bloodhounds"?......Poodles?

Wow, truth is really stranger than fiction. You just can't make this stuff up.

The next shoe to drop will be federal charges for income tax evasion....the same way they got Al Capone. Maybe they can nail his wife too assuming she signed the tax return. It would be hard for her to claim she didn't notice all the extra goodies purchased with the ill-gotten 666K. Their kids can say bye-bye to private school and join the masses in public schools.

Here's the plan:

We rally for Mr. Comer, and when he gets out on bail we beat him with his wife's clubs.

I'm not really serious, please no one sue me. ;)

Please”Šplease don’t tell me that the wife is actually named ââ?¬Å?Kandi Comer.” What is her golfing handicap?

You mean, apart from the porn star/stripper name?

HAHAHAHAHA I knew my prayers would be answered and he would come forth from the woods. Im soo glad he is ok the cyotes coulda got 'em. Who do you think wears the pants in that family Mike or Kandi? KKKandi all the way son no doubt. Yea fed charges would be nice nail this chump and put him in jail so he will be less of a burden on tax paying citizens although still a burden. Whatta shame. Nothing to win and everything to lose, greedy chump.

That's a hilarious coincidence! Wow, what if we brought in their Mike Comer(international super-sleuth), to investigate our Mike Comer (hapless felon)? Comedy gold...

I'm betting he either broke into a home he was familiar with that was unoccupied (many houses up on Wintergreen are this time of year) or was staying with 'supporters' until he made that bone headed phone call. Not too bright this guy.

I agree he's going by by. Probably to Mexico where he can stay under cover and claim to be a retired Lehman Brothers executive.

What happened to the bloodhounds who searched the entire area ?

Maybe he was on a monthlong meditation retreat.

Well, seeing as how Kandi's family, The Kesslers, have a ton of money, there is a good chance Kandi never noticed the extra "goodies". She can probably buy her own.

What is this phone call you refer to? Did he make the call last night? And did KC call the police?

After the FBI recently wiretapped Ponzi schemer John Donnelly's phone, why wouldn't Kandi be "very forthright"?

This is NO REASON to give Comer bail.

"Kandi Comer has been ââ?¬Å?very forthright” with investigators, particularly in contacting police immediately after receiving her husband’s call from a Wintergreen pay phone."

This whole situation is weird. I would imagine that Mike Comer drew a pretty hefty salary being employed by his wife's family business. Also, it is pretty safe to say that Kandi Comer is probably a wealthy woman in her own right and was well provided for after the death of her father, Frank, in 2003 (?). Why would Mike Comer then (alledgedly) have to embezzle money? Also, why sell the properties including the family home for "financial reasons" as it is claimed?

Ohh why, why, why? GREED GREED GREED. Love the mugshot by the way.

Wow, I'm in awe of the two photos side by side -- does the guy ever close his mouth?

Why do all wanted fugitives have to go for that unkempt Scott-Peterson-on-the-run look? I mean, really wanted men, is it really that difficult to find a disposable razor?